Overriding default jvm options is not working (elastic 7.16.2 and java 11)

RHEL release 7.9
jdk-11.0.14 (not bundled)
Elasticsearch with x-pack security multi hosts/nodes cluster has been setup from Elasticsearch-7.16.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz and it is fully functional.

I tried to override default jvm options as follows:
-copied root jvm.options file from /config/jvm.options into folder /config/jvm.options.d/
-left root jvm.options file untouched with the default settings
-changed jvm.options inside /config/jvm.options.d/jvm.options by adding the /full_path/ to gc.log
-restarted node(s) and can see the changes didn't work

The full file name (jvm.options) in the /config/jvm.options.d/ should be exactly the same as the root file or it might or should be changed somehow or am I missing something ?

Any help on this issue will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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