Package service with elasticsearch client

I want to use elasticsearch client,is there a recommend elasticsearch packaged service?

That depends entirely on your OS.

We have DEB, RPM and zip packages, as well as a Windows installer.

No,I mean encapsulation client provide service.Not a ELK component.

Are you looking to embed Elasticsearch in your application? If so, this was possible in early versions but is no longer supported. If not, please explain in a bit more detail what you are looking for.

Not embed Elasticsearch in my application.My aim is to provide a webservice to user use with elasticsearch client.

Then use one of the client libraries. What language are you developing the webservice in?

Have a look at

I haven't develop.I looking for some developed server for use.Is there recommend?

Yes,I have seen it.But I looking for developed server,any suggest?

You can ineract directly with Elasticsearch using HTTP, although you should secure it if you do. What would the webservice do that Elasticsearch does not offer out of the box??

I needed like this:

That seems to be a Java client so have a look at the official java REST client.


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