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Hi team, im trying to integrate Pagerduty with Elasticsearch, so far i have created the Elastic-Alerts service in Pagerduty and have used all those credentials right here in Kibana connector, but when im trying to run the test its giving me error -

Test failed to run

The following error was found:
error posting pagerduty event
getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

and yes, I have allowed Kibana to connect to all hosts [*] in my kibana.yml file.

That looks like a DNS error of some kind. Can you run a curl -v from the machine running Kibana.

Did you enter a value in the API URL for the connector? For most purposes, you can leave it empty.

Yes, I have entered in API URL which I got while creating Pagerduty services, and even if i leave it empty it still shows error - Details:
getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

I would suggest leaving the URL field blank, just to make sure no typos are accidentally entered, since you seem to be using the default address.

As mentioned previously, this seems like a DNS error occurring, on the machine that is running Kibana. Can you log into the machine running Kibana, and run the following command. I expect it will fail, and hopefully provide some diagnostics for getting your DNS set up correctly.

curl -v

Hi Patrick,
yea that was a DNS issue only, I configured it and now I'm able to run the connector even without passing the URL. Thanks!


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