Panels to have in Kibana dashboard for troubleshooting applications

Hey folks,

what are some good panels to have in kibana visualisation for developers to troubleshoot issues in applications? I am trying to create a dashboard that developers could use to pinpoint where the app is having issues. So that they could resolve it. These are a few factors that I have considered :

Cpu usage of pod, memory usage of pod, network in and out, application logs are the ones I have got in mind. Any other panels I could add to so that developers could get an idea where to check if something goes wrong in the app.

For example, application slowness could be because of high cpu consumption, app goes down could because OOM kill, request takes longer could be due to latency or cache issues etc Is there any other thing that I could take into consideration if yes please suggest?

Have you looked at Elastic APM? I think it provides everything you are asking for.

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