Parameterized dashboard

So i saw a similar question back in 2017 but didn't seem to be possible then. wondering if that changed in kibana 7.x.

basically i have a dashboard which has 10-ish tables and 10-ish timelions showing different perspectives for a device. i would like top generalize this, where at some dashboard meta level, one can enter or select via pull-down device="foo" and then see this dashboard with the 20-ish individual viz frames for device foo. And then one can pick device=bar and see the same dashboard info but specific for device bar.

In each dashboard component, there would be the ability to receive the selected device name and that is then used as part of the filtering logic.

Is this possible with kibana? I will have 100s or 1000s of devices.


Hi @bf31415,

thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you can cover this use case by the controls visualization: You can configure which fields the user can control and changes made by the user are applied to all visualizations on the dashboard. Let me know whether that helps.

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