Kibana nested Dashboard

Is there any possibility of creating the nested dashboard in kibana?

  1. I have timestamp,no of devices and battery level details in my log file.i need to create 3 dashboard which should be nested , if i click one details from 1st dhashboard i should able to view the 2nd dhashboard or 3rd dhashboard.

  2. if i click one device details in the dashboard , i need to see the batterylevel of that device for a week.

Kibana doesn't have a feature to allow you to navigate from click an item in a chart on a dashboard.

What if you put several charts on your dashboard and then when you click on an item it adds a filter to your dashboard. The filter applies to all your charts on that dashboard.

So for example, when you mouse-over your devices chart and click on Micromax, it adds a filter for that device. Then your battery level chart (which initially shows all devices) will then just show the Micromax battery level. I think that might be the closest you can currently get to the behavior you described.


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thanks @LeeDr t was really helfull :slight_smile:

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