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Hello All,

Is there a way in kibana visualization to Navigate to associated dashboarb after clicking on visualization.Currently work around I did i created seperate markdown custom CSS and navigate,but ideal requirement is to click on any visual and reach its dashboard.

Ex:Click on "Tomcat Down Server Visual"...This should navigate to Tomcat Related dashboard.
I don't need to create seperate Markdown visual for this,should happen on click of visual itself.


Hi @PRASHANT_MEHTA. I think you might be looking for Dashboard drilldowns.

Hello @nickpeihl ,

Thanks for looking into this and quick response.I'm using kibana 7.9.1 and dont see any option to
add drilldowns."Tomcat Down Servers" is made through TSVB in which I'm using metric option to
show count.Yellow-No issues and when any thing above Zero its Critical and color turns Red.

I guess Drilldown is not an option here?

I'm trying to create Home page that shows alerts for all my dashboard usecases.I don't see much option in kibana to show good looking alerts in home page.The idea is that admin see alerts in homepage visuals and navigate to particular dashboards,Canvas is not an option here as it can't be embedded in web ui of ours.
Can you plz suggest on this .

Many Thanks

Looking at this blog post, I think the functionality you are looking for was first added in 7.10. But there were also other improvements in later releases. If you are planning to upgrade, I'd suggest moving to 7.17.

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