Part of my graph is not showen

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Hi, I made a graph to check if our system is working and the graph showed me a straight line on 100% (healthy), I made tests to the system to crash the system and it crashed to 16%. Kibana erased all the straight line from before the crash and only gave me the crash itself.
Here is what it shows:

How can I get my straight line again :slight_smile:

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Can you plz post the screenshot that you received without crash?


(tomer zaks) #3


I wish I made a screenshot of that :frowning: . I didn't think it will not work so I didn't take a pic.
maybe later on when I don't crash the system I will have a straight line again

(Shrawan Bhagwat) #4

sure. :slight_smile: that would be helpful to troubleshoot it.

(tomer zaks) #5


Well now when I checked the data, I saw that also the crash was erased from the graph, only one dot of 100% was available. I tried to get data from the last 24 hours since this will have to have more data.

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I see the problem but can't fix it. I am putting that it will show the last 24/12/1 hour but it shows really only the last 10 minutes... and the values that I get are only once every 5 minutes that's why I get empty spaces.

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