Passing Run time parameters

I am 2 weeks into Kibana, and I am trying to get a grip on some of the visualizations.
I have the input data as follows, --> country_id, auditor_id, Store_id, date_id
I want to draw a Vertical bar chart, by passing the country_id as a run time parameter. Is it possible to achieve this. Thanks.

@yogen are you wanting to filter your bar-chart to display only information for a specific country_id?

Thanks for your reply. Yes,..I want to show stores audited for different days for a given country. The value of country_id is decided at run time. There are ~ 35 different countries.

@yogen you can use the "query bar" at the top of the visualization to filter by country. The following is an example of filtering by the field 'geo.src' for the value 'US':

Got you thanks!

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