Patching rpm while previous version is active failed postun OP

(Steffen Winther Sørensen) #1

Dunno if this is the proper channel for minor bug reports, sorry!

Did a yum update of kibana while installed version was active this seemed to break POST UNinstalled operation of old package which might be RC for new package not getting proper ownership of stuff under /opt/kibana/optimize, needed fixing before able to relaunch new version.

yum update kibana
Running Transaction
Updating : kibana-4.5.1-1.x86_64
Cleanup : kibana-4.5.0-1.x86_64
userdel: user kibana is currently used by process 15670
warning: %postun(kibana-4.5.0-1.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 8
Non-fatal POSTUN scriptlet failure in rpm package kibana

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Tracking here:

(Steffen Winther Sørensen) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:

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