Payload content length greater than maximum allowed: 3000000

I have an index pattern that will not retrieve documents in Kibana. I have researched and know about the server.maxPayloadBytes. I have used the Elasticsearch API to query the documents in the index pattern and examined their sizes, the largest of which is approx. 512kb. I know this a a rather large size but not the 3mb the we have set in kibana.yml. If we set it to an extreme number say 20mb the requests just keep timing out.

Can someone please explain the purpose of the server.maxPayloadBytes setting? Is it supposed to restrict browser request sizes to the Kibana server? Is is supposed to restrict retrieving documents that are greater that then setting? Does it have something to do with the number of fields in the index pattern (a lot of the documents we sent to ES in Logstash have varying fields so the aggregate number of fields can get a bit large).

Just trying to get some insight into this conundrum and see if we're doing anything wrong.



Hi @davehatma,

Can you expand on "will not retrieve documents in Kibana". What error you're seeing, where in Kibana you're trying to do this, etc.

The server.maxPayloadBytes setting is for request payloads sent to the Kibana server. It will limit them / return an error when the size limit is reached.

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