Performance of kibana dashboard, one index, many visualizations or multiple indices many visualizations

I ussualy create different indices based on the metric type, for example i create an index, for system uptime, cpu, memory... then I filter by machine an get the metrics by a particular machine...but I recently use metricbeat, and I realize that the indices are created per machine to get all the metrics, I was wandering if there is a perfomance benefit in kibana for making calls to only one index than multiple indexes?

If you used daily indices and you had 4 of them - ie 1 index for each of your mentioned metrics - with 3 primary shards and 3 replicas shards, you would have to query 12 shards to find the values for one host for one day. If you use the default Metricbeat approach, you would query 1 shard (again for one day).

It's about shards, not indices. And querying 1 shard will mostly be more performant than 12.

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