Plaso / Elasticsearch / Kibana - psort.exe -o list (not showing Elastic module installed)

Hey, I'm working on building my first ElasticSearch / Kibana / Plaso
instance. I'm running into an issue with the Elastic Output for psort -o
list. The build I'm downloading the build from the website, and run the
command, I don't see the Elastic in the output.

I'm running the command after downloading, building and installing the Which I thought was suppose to resolve the issue.

I have walked about half way through the "build" your own plaso, but have
limited knowledge with compiling problems, and wanted to find out if that
is the only solution. I was hoping for a pre-canned solution.

psort -o list

Elastic doesn't show as an option. Any ideas why this would happen?

I'm running this on Windows 7, 64bit - Python 27.

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