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I want to know if the Plati­num license is based on the number of nodes or on capacity, and whether it applies to coordinator nodes.

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On-prem licenses are based on the number of nodes, coordinator only and ingest only nodes does not count towards the license as you can check on this similar post.

Also, If I'm not wrong there is a hardware limit of 64 GB per node, but you need to check this directly with Elastic through the e-mail.

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On-prem licenses => means On Platinum license ?

it does not, on-prem is the deployment type.

You have three options for deployment type:

  1. on-prem
  2. Elastic Cloud Enterprise (on-prem deployment using kubernetes)
  3. Elasticsearch Service (elastic cloud).

With these deployment types you have the different license types which define
what features you can access and the support level you have.

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To clarify a bit more, however, you should contact sales

There are 2 Basic Categories

Self-Managed and Hosted (Elastic Cloud)

  • Self Managed has 3 varieties
    • Self-Managed Nodes - License Based on Node Count
      • Node count based on Master Nodes, Data Nodes, Machine Learning Nodes CCR / CCS Nodes (No ingest, kibana , Logstash etc etc
    • Elastic Cloud Enterprise ECE (Orchestration but not K8s)
      • License Based on Total RAM of ALL Components
    • Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes ECK (Orchestration on K8s)
      • License Based on Total RAM of ALL Components

Elastic Cloud Pricing based on capacity

Please See here for Features Per License Level (Note some slight differences between Self Managed and Elastic Cloud)

I will add for small clusters, Elastic Cloud is often less expensive than Self Managed.

We do not provide Self Managed Pricing on the Forum, contact sales

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