Plugin Monitoring is throwing error

(Sandeep Rawat) #1

I dont know what is missing here. When i login to Kibana Dashboard I see below error for plugin:Monitoring in Kibana dashboard Monitoring tab :

ui settings  Ready
plugin:kibana@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:elasticsearch@5.1.2  Kibana index ready
plugin:xpack_main@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:graph@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:monitoring@5.1.2  Request Timeout after 3000ms
plugin:reporting@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:security@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:profiler@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:console@5.1.2  Ready
plugin:timelion@5.1.2  Ready

(Shaunak Kashyap) #2

Can you look at the Kibana server log? There might be more details there about what is causing the timeout.

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