Possible to disable session timeout for users in Elastic Cloud?

We have a dashboard that we display on a TV in the office 24/7 and it seems to get logged out after ~2 weeks. The dashboard graphs are setup to automatically refresh every 10 minutes. We'd prefer if it never logged out but I haven't been able to find an option for that. We are hosting Kibana and Elasticsearch with Elastic Cloud. Is there a way to disable session timeouts (for a specific user ideally, but we're flexible) in Elastic Cloud? Alternatively, is there a clever way to automatically extend the session?

Hi @pocketcolin

Did you take a look at?

Looks like you should be able to set:

Kibana Session Settings

Elastic Cloud Kibana Session Settings

There is a warning

If you disable session idle timeout and lifespan, then Kibana will not automatically remove session information from the index unless you explicitly log out. This might lead to an infinitely growing session index. As long as either idle timeout or lifespan is configured, Kibana sessions will be cleaned up even if you don’t explicitly log out.

thanks, @stephenb ! I wasn't aware we had any access to the kibana.yml but now I know! I just updated the lifespan so I'm guessing that'll fix it, but I have to give it a week before I know for sure.

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