Praeco - Free alerting GUI for elasticsearch - now with v7 support

Hey everyone, I posted about this tool I created last year. I just wanted to let everyone know it's been updated for elasticsearch 7. Give it a spin and let me know if you have any problems!

Praeco is a GUI for building alerts based on your ES data. It is based on top of elastalert, another open source project. Praeco is much more powerful than other tools, and totally free & open source!

  • Interactively build alerts for your Elasticsearch data using a query builder
  • Preview results in an interactive chart
  • Test your alerts against historical data
  • Send notifications to Slack, Email, Telegram or an HTTP POST endpoint
  • Supports the Any, Blacklist, Whitelist, Change, Frequency, Flatline, Spike, Cardinality and Metric Aggregation rule types
  • View logs of when your alerts check, fire and fail

GitHub >

Walkthrough article >


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