Praeco - A GUI for creating alerts

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Over the last few months I've been working on a web app to interactively create alerts for your elasticsearch data. I'm really excited to finally share it, I hope some folks find it useful.

Using elastalert under the hood, it goes beyond the official alerting UI and all of the current open source GUIs as well. No editing YAML/JSON manually here, this is a full GUI for creating alerts using a variety of rules.

  • Interactively build alert rules using a query builder
  • View a preview of your query and a graph of results over the last 24h
  • Supports Any, Blacklist, Whitelist, Change, Frequency and Spike elastalert rule types
  • Test your alerts against historical data
  • See a preview of your alert subject/body as you are editing
  • Supports notifications to Slack, Email or HTTP POST
  • View logs of when your alerts are checked and when they fire
  • Use templates to pre-fill commonly used rule options

I've created a walkthrough article to help guide you through the installation.

The source is licensed GPLv3 and available in the github repo.

There is a feedback board available if you want to suggest or vote on new features.

I hope you find it useful. Please let me know if you find any issues or have feature suggestions.

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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know v0.2 has been released with a refined UI and tons of bug fixes. The walkthrough article has been updated for the new UI.

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