Primary shard is not active Timeout: [1m] (reindex api)

Hi ,

i am trying to use the reindex api to copy data from one ES to another (both on 6.2.4). but i get the following error.
"primary shard is not active Timeout: [1m] "
detailed error : "cause":{"type":"unavailable_shards_exception","reason":"[example2][0] primary shard is not active Timeout: [1m], request: [BulkShardRequest [[example2][0]] containing [200] requests]"},"status":503}

Steps i have performed are :

  1. added the following statement on ES-BOX2
    reindex.remote.whitelist: ES-BOX1:9090
  2. Created an index "example2" with same mapping as that of the index i want to copy.
  3. run the following reindex command on ES-BOX2
    curl -XPOST 'http://ES-BOX2:9090/_reindex' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d' {"source":{"remote": { "host": "http://ES-BOX1:9090"}, "index": "system_2018-09-10", "query": { "match_all": {} } }, "dest": { "index": "example2" }}'

suggestions please

ps : this is just a poc of re-index api. i actually need to upgrade my system from ES 1.1 to ES 6.x

seems to be a problem with the setup .

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