Print Date & time on charts


I have tried X-Pack reporting tool it is only generating pdf what we can see on graphs. but I need to get more detailed graphs report with date and time
Can I print date and time on Kibana line charts?
I have created some time series charts also is it possible to print time range on it ?

If you have time series visualizations, it should be showing the selected date range at part of the header on each page of the PDF. It's possible that was added in one of the 5.0 or later releases though. What version are you using?

sorry for late reply
I'm using 5.2
I want to print date range under timelion chats

I see. That's not something that Reporting supports. If you have a date range specified in the URL used to generate the report, it'll add that range to the header on each page.

I think printing date and time is range useful on chart other than header

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