Problem: Interpolation on charts

Hi all
I'm working on visualizing stocks in Canvas using charts.
However, as one might know, the stock marked is usually only open between 9:30am-4pm, and is also closed on weekends.
Thus when loading the stock data, it shows interpollation between each day whenever there are no trading going on, which is honestly terrible looking.

One solution I thought could be was to make turn the date-parameter type in keyword/string. This actually helped with visualisation, but sadly, the X-axis had hundreds of date strings along it overlapping each other as if it was a solid black beam, even within shorter time intervals

Besides, when attempting to display multiple stock charts on a single chart, one of the charts behaved strangely. But individually they look fine.

Are there any sollution to this or is this pretty much impossible in Canvas?

Photo above shows 2 charts. The charts show the same stocks and roughly the same timeframe but the upper one has timeintervals of 30min while the lower one has time interval of 24 hours. As you can see, the upper one has the top chart that looks pretty off, while the bottom one is all fine. However, displaying these charts individually make them look all fine.

Hi @magniko,

It would help to see the expression that you are using here, are you using Timelion for your data?

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