Problem with elasticsearch-6.1.2 ([.kibana] creating index, cause [auto(bulk api)])

Hi there,

I noticed sometime (the first time) when I start ES (6.1.2, windows version), I have in the logs:[.kibana] creating index, cause [auto(bulk api)], templates [], shards [5]/[1], mappings []

In this case, if I create a default index in elasticsearch, kibana cannot see it, it always says:No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue even i've already created it like this:
%CURL% -s -XPUT http://localhost:9200/.kibana/doc/config:6.1.2 -d "{\"type\": \"config\", \"config\": { \"defaultIndex\" : \"logstash-*\"} }" > NUL 2>&1

But when I delete data folder in elasticsearch-6.1.2\data and restart elasticsearch I can see in the logs: [.kibana] creating index, cause [api], templates [], shards [5]/[1], mappings [doc]

And in this case I can see my default index in kibana without the warning, any idea why at the first time i see in the logs this cause [auto(bulk api)], the seconde time cause [api] and the default index is not working ?

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