Problem with Kibana upgrade from 5.2.0 to 5.4.1

(Varun) #1

I am upgrading kibana from 5.2.0 to 5.4.1

I already upgraded elasticsearch without any problem

I did as in the kibana upgrade link

After doing it, i started kibana and it shows error in Discover section.

(Marius Dragomir) #2


Are there any errors displayed in the Kibana log and/or Elasticsearch logs?
Also, can you check it with the DevTools open in your browser and see if any other errors are displayed there?

(Varun) #3

i didn't find any error on elastic log.

Where is the kibana log saved ?

Here is the error am getting

(Marius Dragomir) #4

You can see the Kibana log in the cmd output there of Kibana Server, unless you manually configured Kibana to log somewhere else.

(Varun) #5

This is my kibana cm window

(Varun) #6

Anyone please help ??

(system) #7

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