Problem with large xml logs

I am trying to work with an ELK stack to log messages that contain, in some cases, large XML requests and responses about 30Mb each. They will not be used to search, but they should be retrievable for a given entry to reproduce bugs when needed.

Problem is that Kibana freezes when searching for those logs. I feel like Kibana is a great tool for log visualization and I would like to stick to it. In the worst case cenario, I would have to develop something just to query Elasticsearch without the request/response fields, and a functionality to do a separate search for a given entry's request/response, loosing on many Kibana visualization tools.

Any sugestions on how to work around this issue?

Is this only an issue in Discover?

By default, Discover it will display the _source field, which would include this XML data. Under Management > Advanced Settings > Default columns you can change that to be something other than _source which should resolve your issue.

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