Promoting ML jobs from Pre-Prod to Prod (Different Environments)


I've come accross a situation where i am trying to promote our ML models from one environment to another - was curious if there's any way of doing it thru some CI/CD Pipeline or if anyone has implemented something that's more inclined towards automation vs Manually creating Jobs everytime?
Same thing goes for watcher as well.


If you are using supervised machine learning ( classification or regression analysis), there is indeed a method you can follow to export and import your trained models. See Trained models | Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack [7.12] | Elastic

If you are using anomaly detection jobs, there isn't an equivalent "get trained models" API, but you can collect the configuration information via "get datafeeds" and "get anomaly detection jobs" APIs and use those details to recreate the jobs in the your new environment.

Great, Thank you! :slight_smile: that API should help

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