Proper Monitoring of specific Field - Fields missing in Alerts & Insights Rules

Hello, my goal is to monitor a specific value from an index in ELK. Concretely I would like to alert if the 95th percentile of my nginx request_time is greater than some threshold. What is the best way to accomplish this?

What I Have Tried

Create a Rule using a Metrics Threshold

In this case I do not see the required field (request_time) from my specific index. I have validated that the index pattern configured in Observability > Logs > Settings contains request_time and it is a float and can be aggregated. Do I need to add this index in Observability > Metrics > Settings for this to work, if so is this the recommended way of doing things?

Create a Watcher

Two issues with a watcher right now:

  1. It does not have an option for 95th percentile when setting up a new watcher
  2. The Slack Action requires I set up a user, is there a way to use the Slack Action defined in the Alerting section?

Please let me know what the best way to accomplish this is!


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