Kibana 8.8 Watcher vs Alerts

Hello all, Im a bit confused re alerting, I recently upgraded my elk stack from 7.2 > 8.8

we had bunch of Alerts rules configured to notify a slack channel for example if some index log file has a string "Error"

I dont see these options anywhere in 8.8 alert console, I can only define Log threshold metrics, not actual log content matching.

I am also reading that theres a Watcher piece, which I havent used before, but the Slack Connector isnt available to a watcher (I think I need to use xpack settings to define a connector for watcher)

I basically want KIabana to send a slack alert if some log has a certain string or matches regex conditions, ie if log contains "error"

How can I do this in 8.8 ?

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Watcher is a legacy alerting platform in Elasticsearch. It still works and is very powerful, but users found it kind of hard to do the "easy" things. Hence, the creation of Kibana Alerts.

However, Kibana Alerts also has different types including the Elasticsearch Query type. Create any valid Elasticsearch DSL query (exact match, partial match, etc.) and make an alert out of it