Protocol Analysis Lab


I have started this course but I can't find the labs instructions .

I got the protocol-analysis-lab-guide.pdf following the instructions I logged in the CTF and unlocked the “Challenges” then I got new sections and when I click on them they shows a question but not instructions.

Anyone know where can I find the instructions labs?

thank you!

Hello Chmeza,

You should be able to navigate to the Link provided in your strigo lab environment which will then bring you to the landing page. From that landing page you can select the file share and from there the link to the Protocol Analysis pcap files. Which will require you to open them in Wireshark or a similar tool. This should also be outlined on page 3 of the Lab guide pdf you have. I will take note that we should probably make this more clear in the future.

Also the pcap's are labeled per lab so that you know which one to open.

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