Protractor.NET + Internet Explorer 11 + Kibana

(Yury) #1

Hello everybody. I'm trying to use the port of Protractor on .NET-platform for Kibana UI-testing, because Kibana is built with AngularJS.
Does anybody have some experience with this? I can't even make a helloworld app.
If I'm trying to start from something like this
var ngDriver = new NgWebDriver(driver);
I just receive the error:

and don't know what to do with this and how to go further.
Can somebody help with this?
When I apply for other pages containing angularjs on the internet - it works fine and I can interact with UI-controls. I'm using IE 11 everywhere. Can it be due to require.js?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

If you goto, do you receive an error?

Although Kibana is built using Angular, we do not use Protractor for testing. We use a library called Intern.

(Yury) #3

I don't receive the error if I just open some dashboard manually. I receive this error only with protractor for .net. When I try to use Protractor.NET for other pages on the internet built with angular it also works fine without any errors, it doesn't work just with Kibana. it's strange. I'm trying to find the "difference" between Angular in Kibana and Angular on the site like

(system) #4