Question on User Accounts During Setup

We've decided to try out the Elastic Stack as a replacement for our current solution, and have run into a question/issue along the way.

  • ElasticSearch has been setup and is running on Ubuntu 18 using the .deb install package as per documentation
  • During ElasticSearch setup, we didn't do the steps for X-Pack setup for usernames since we are trying out the basic version, then will evaluate our needs for the Pro version.

However, now that we are attempting to install the 2nd piece of the stack, Kibana, we get to the install documentation that makes it sounds like we needed to setup the X-Pack and user accounts in order for Kibana to have an account to connect to ElasticSarch.

For testing out ElasticStack, do we need to go back and do the X-Pack setup instruction with ElasticSearch, even though the plan was to setup using the Basic version to get started?

You can skip that part :slight_smile:

Thank you - I needed to go back and update a few things in the .yml config file (e.g. from localhost to IP address) for Kibana and Elasticsearch, and now am able to login to Kibana.

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