Setting Up Users

Im trying to setup users in elasticsearch, I downloaded elasticsearch dpkg packege.
I cant find the elastic setup-password.
When I try to configure the elasticsearch in elasticsearch.yml i didnt see any enabled or false.
Can anyone explain how to configure users.

I found the Getting started with Elasticsearch security blog post very helpful, it tells you how to configure TLS which you'll need in order to enable security.

After enabling security in your cluster you may use the elasticsearch-users tool to create your own Elasticsearch users. Unlike the built-in user (elastic, kibana etc) you can configure your own users with a number of different roles (for instance "read"-only) which is useful if you want to limit access to the cluster or certain indices for some users.

You should be able to find that command at:


Not every possible elasticsearch setting is included in the sample elasticsearch.yml file that is installed for you.
If you wish to configure a setting that isn't listed, you just need to add it yourself.

I recommend following the online tutorial:

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