Rally eventdata-track & support for Elastic Stack 8.x


In this post I read that the rally-eventdata-track is not supported for Elasticsearch 8.x, but I find no further info on that. The README.md says it is compatible with the latest development version of Elasticsearch (though the file is 10 months old).

We intend to use this track for testing existing clusters ( --pipeline=benchmark-only). Initial challenges seem to work ok against an existing v8.6.1 cluster: elasticlogs-1bn-load and combined-indexing-and-querying (last tested just briefly).

Therefore my question: is this track supported in benchmark-only mode on v8.x clusters? Thanks!

Kind regards,
Jan Stap

Hi Jan,

Have you taken a look at rally-tracks/elastic/logs at master · elastic/rally-tracks · GitHub? It would be the replacement for the rally-eventdata-track and a better recommendation.

Thank you,

Hi Jason,

I spotted it indeed from the other post. Reading it better it indeed looks more modern in terms of using integrations and datastreams. I have a go with it, thanks!


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