Readonly role/user unable to view remote cluster index results

Basically I need a readonly role to simulate the "experimental" viewer role, but limit Kibana privileges to only Analytics>Discover, and Management>Dev-tools.
But my custom readonly role after assigning ALL run-as privileges except for editor and viewer still cannot see the remote cluster result, or run the following remote cluster search in Dev Tool:

GET my-remote-cluster:remote-index/_search
  "query": {
    "match_all": {}

As soon as I add viewer role, the search is successful. I even copied the exact index privileges from the viewer role edit screen, and I still cannot make my readonly user be able to get the remote cluster results. Anyone know what hidden privileges the viewer role has that I may be missing to be able to do so for my custom readonly role?

For CCS to work, you custom role needs to be available on the remote cluster.

Please refer to the documentation for details.

Thank you very much, setting up the same role on remote cluster worked for the user's cross-cluster search

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