Customized role not able to view data in Kibana

(Wei Huang) #1

Hey, guys

Following the training video of x-pack, I tried to set up my own role/user for reading certain index. I added a new user and tried to assign the "kibana" role to this user along with the customized role, but I can't find the role "kibana", which is different from the video says.

If I just assign my customized role to the user (with privilege all), I still can see nothing in discover. If I tried to execute http query through console tab, I got error like this:
"reason": "action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user [XXXX]"
here XXXX is the username.

tried many ways but no luck, hope someone can help. I'm using ES/Kibana 5.0.0-alpha3

(Wei Huang) #2

sorry, I mean the "kibana_user" role, not kibana

(Jay Modi) #3

Can you share your kibana user role and your customized user roles?

(Wei Huang) #4

ok, just for everyone to know, have to enable .kibana index access for the role you define, or it doesn't work

(system) #5