So My issue is I am not very good with using kibana and i have custom roles but the custom roles cant save search and they cant generate a .CSV report for export if anyone can assist with this that would be great.

Yes, the .security index does behave differently. It's intentionally excluded from index privileges by default, as users typically do not intend for this index to be viewable by anyone. By using the GET roles API, you can retrieve roles in the native realm.

According to the built-in-roles docs :


Grants the specific privileges required for users of X-Pack reporting other than those required to use Kibana. This role grants access to the reporting indices. Reporting users should also be assigned the kibana_user role and a role that grants them access to the data that will be used to generate reports with.


Ok After I get the role how do I edit so i can see it and add it to my custom role?

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