Receiving unwanted information from system module


I'm currently using Metricbeat to retrieve system information on my server, here's a sample of my metricbeat.yml :

#-------------------------------- System Module --------------------------------
- module: system
    - cpu             # CPU usage
    - memory          # Memory usage
    - network         # Network IO
    - uptime          # System Uptime
    - filesystem     # File system usage for each mountpoint
  enabled: true
  period: 600s
  processes: ['.*']

  # Configure the metric types that are included by these metricsets.
  cpu.metrics:  ["percentages"]  # The other available options are normalized_percentages and ticks.
  core.metrics: ["percentages"]  # The other available option is ticks.

My issue is that even if some metricsets are not in here, I receive information about them.
For example I receive logs from system.load, system.process and system.socket

How could I disable those logs ?

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