Recovery multiple Snapshots for one Index

Hi there

We've got the following (not very optimal) situation:

1 Node with 6 Indices on this Node
Snapshots are done every 3-4 Month
All data older than 2 Month is deleted from all indices

What we would like to do is:
Restore one Index in full on another node for reporting purposes

My questsion - how can this be done?

We've tried multiple approaches but when trying to restore an already restored index e.g.

restored index-1 from snapshot5.5.20202 > 15 GB

index-1 to be restored from snapshot 5.3.20202 > 11GB

we get the error "the index is open" and from what i understand - snapshots are done incremental ... so how could i restore an index in full on one node then?

Or what is a best practice in this case?

kind regards