Reference hosted URL and Port from Kibana

Hi All,

I am using an internal cloud application within my firm which is a container and can alter host and port at any time. Now I wanted to create a drill-down feature for my dashboard by setting the field type to Link and adding a URL. But, adding a constant URL is not possible for me. I want somehow Kibana to retrieve the current hosted URL and reference that.

Any workarounds here?


You should be able to just specify the path and hash part of the URL, e.g. /app/kibana#/dashboard/12345

If I do that, the path and hash part get displayed in the table as the label value[i am making a table visualization]

I don't understand whats happening.

What version are you running? In 7.5 and below there is a bug with relative links like this, but it should be resolved starting from 7.6

I am using 7.1. Any other workarounds without having to upgrade ?

Unfortunately upgrading is the only way to fix this at the Kibana level. Maybe you can set up a stable host alias or something similar in your internal cloud app so you can use a fully qualified URL instead? Changing host names for accessing Kibana seems like it's also annoying for users.

I am actually going to iframe this. So taken care of dynamic url there! But i think I will have to create a stable host alias for future

Thanks alot!

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