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We are trying to develop a desktop application as well as cloud version (Web Application) which includes elasticsearch as a search engine. Basically we would like use the insert and search client.

I read some threads about the data loss while using the elasticsearch. Please let me know additional information on that and should I worry about the data loss in my implementation?

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What threads?

Have a read of

Where is your data to search coming from, a database?

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Thank you for the quick response. Yes. Data comes from a database. We will load enough information from database. After that, all other components directly talk to elasticserach and get the result.

Whenever relevant data changes in database , some other component will notify elasticsearch and insert the changed data. If there is a new data added in database, only the added data will be updated in elasticsearch.

We are only storing subset of data in the elastic search for searching. The original data is in database.

But once the data loaded, we will not terminate the elasticserach. It will get the data of whatever changed in databases.

Note: We have two versions, one being a desktop version and the other one runs on the cloud (Web Application).

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