Regarding Kibana : Calendar Visualization and Filtering

No worries about the review of the PR. As stated in the GitHub repo, your PR doesn't need to be merged — that can take time and we don't rush that process.

When we'll go through the submissions for a project, we'll take a look at your proposal and PR and will review them to rank everybody applying for the same project.

So you just need to focus on writing a good proposal and PR. Start with something small and react to feedback. If that one worked well, you can continue with another one if you want. One good, small PR is better than opening multiple half baked ones or tackling a big problem and getting stuck.

Hope that makes it clear :slight_smile:

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I have written a draft of my proposal and shared it with all. Please comment!

I've written some questions regarding my proposal and share it with you all, please give me any feedback! @xeraa

I have a bit of a backlog of proposals to work through, but I'll do my best to get it done tomorrow, so everybody has a chance to make changes over the weekend / early next week.

If there are general questions, please ask them here, so we don't have to answer them multiple times.

Is there a page length limit for the proposal?

No. But how many pages are you thinking about? If it's more than 8 there might be something wrong.

Add as many details for the implementation and the timeline as possible, but the rest can be reasonably brief.

Hello Sir! May I know any insights of the selection and the criteria of selection?


  1. Filter out proposals, which are not related to any project or don't have a PR against one of our projects
  2. The remaining ones are evaluated based on:
    1. Does the proposal make sense — you understood the problem, you have a complete and more or less reasonable timeline.
    2. How good is the PR. Is it a one line fix or is it something more complicated.
    3. How did the interaction work out — both on Discuss and for the PR.
  3. Find the best proposal for every project.
  4. Rank the strength of the projects and decide which ones we feel comfortable doing.

Admittedly we had to be rather strict, since the number of slots is limited and we only want to pursue projects where we think that they have a good chance of succeeding.

Hello. So is there a way to have a calendar visualization in Kibana dashboard?
I would really appreciate any input on this.

I'm afraid we don't have that as a feature right now.


Thank you for your reply Philip. I guess I have to figure out some alternate way of displaying information then.