Regarding Kibana Canvas page and element id

I am using Kibana 6.5.
I downloaded one of my canvas workpads to a json file. I then made a copy of the file and just changed the name and id of the workpad, and uploaded it as a new workpad.

When I download the json for this new workpad i see the workpad name and id to be what I had defined in the json. When I look at the 'pages' and 'elements' objects under it they have the same id in the new workpad as in the original workpad.

My question is - are the pages and elements pointing to separate objects even though the id is the same? it does seem so as if I change the element in the new workpad it does not change the original workpad.

Thanks for the help.

First few lines from the workpad json for reference, which incude pages and element id. -->
"name": "New Workpad",
"id": "workpad-9b11c0da-e717-45c7-8521-afda0a089eef",
"width": 1081,
"height": 720,
"page": 0,
"pages": [
"id": "page-d001c0e7-bd47-451f-8672-cf1ece5866d1",
"style": {
"background": "#BBBBBB"
"transition": {},
"elements": [
"id": "element-af6fd709-d52c-4b2c-87b1-8626ebec3882",
"position": {

@Catherine_Liu / @monfera - can you please answer this when u got time. Cheers

Correct, page and element ids are not currently in a global pool, they're references internal to the workbook. Moreover, element ids are also references within a page.

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Thank you for the explanation.

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