Reindexing via Dev Tools Console returns "Failed to connect to Console's backend."

I am in the process of consolidating some older daily indexes into monthly indexes, and this is working without issue for indexes that are less than 100MB in size.

However, now that I am working on rolling up larger indexes (approx. 800MB -1GB), I received the 504 timeout error. I increased the timeout to Elasticsearch from 60000 to 120000 and am now receiving this 'Failed to connect' error.

I am not aware of any proxies that may be in place.

Any pointers as to why I am seeing this error returned when reindexing the larger indexes?

Interesting. I'm not aware of this, but it sounds like a possible bug. Do you mind opening an issue about this here:

The more details the better. It sounds like Kibana is losing connectivity with Elasticsearch (at least temporarily). I could be wrong, though. I've seen that happen in other edge cases.

Thanks for the prompt response Chris.

I shall open an issue for this now.

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