Remote cluster monitoring elastic cloud

Good evening, I'm trying to create a metric visualization from another cluster and a different user, I have already tried Using one of the clusters as a remote cluster to no avail , my question is: is there anyway to directly send the metrics from a cluster in an account to a receiving cluster in a different account?


Hi @jugonzalezv,

is the goal to collect metrics about the first cluster on a second cluster? Or are you looking to make metrics of some other service collected in the first cluster available for search in a second cluster?


the goal is to collect the metrics about the first cluster and send them to the second cluster both on elastic cloud and in diferente accounts

Since this question is specific to the ESS on Elastic Cloud, you might be able to get a more competent answer via the support form in your account. To my limited knowledge the monitoring data can only be shipped to clusters local to the region and account.

The stack monitoring feature (and visualizations too, of course) can search in indices from different clusters via cross-cluster search (CCS) regardless of the underlying infrastructure. If you only care about being able to access the data and not about the location of the data, this might be sufficient for your use-case.

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