Remove elastic auth page but use x-pack

Hi Team,

In our company, we are using the elastic stack for the last 4 years.

As x-pack security was only for paid users before. Instead of x-pack, we used google authentication for login.

Once a user log-in with their Gmail accounts, Kibana discover page will be visible.

Few days back, we implemented x-pack security for our elastic stack. Now every user has to do double authentication before login i.e :
a. google authentication
b. elastic authentication

Is there any possible way to eliminate elastic authentication but apply role based previlagies using their gmail credentials??

Instead of elastic authentication, can we directly use google authentication email id for role based authentication?

Or Is there any way to eliminate elastic authentication but use role based privilages?

Thank You.

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Hi @Murali_Krishna2 Welcome to the community!


No.. Authentication (User/Password) leads to Authorization (Roles)

I think you have 3 options

  1. Disable x-pack security and go back to your previous method

  2. Go All the way in and get a Platinum commercial license and use SAML etc. complete with role mappings

  3. Perhaps Use Anonymous Login after you login with your GMAIL and redirect to Kibana.

See Here : Authentication in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic

I think I wrote a post on this before here I think that shows Elastic Cloud but self managed should be pretty much the same you can remove the basic auth so only have anonymous.

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