Remove "This message was sent by Kibana."

Hi all,
I am using Kibana email action to send emails from my outlook server. All the emails have a footer,
" --
This message was sent by Kibana"

Can this be removed?

I don't think that message can be removed. But cc @ying.mao for more details.


@rashmi is correct and this footer cannot currently be removed from the email action. It can be customized to link back to your Kibana instance if you set server.publicBaseUrl inside your kibana.yml config.

Can this link be anything other than the Kibana instance? What if I want to link it back to my application?

@sireesha_m The server.publicBaseUrl is meant to be configured to the URL of your Kibana instance. It is used in other places in Kibana so I would not recommend configuring it to any external application.

Currently, you would have to manually add the link to your application within the email action specification.

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