Remove time chart from Discover in Kibana

We're using Kibana 7.2.0 and we'd very much like to remove the bar chart at the top of the Discover section (see below) but we couldn't find the setting for it.

If the index pattern you are viewing in Discover does not use time series data it won't show up. That is the only way I know how to not show it but it might defeat the purpose for your use case.

It used to have a control to hide it altogether, but that control is now gone in recent versions, so we're stuck with it, it takes up unnecessary (for our use case) screen estate and cognitive load.

Why not create a saved search and then import it into a dashboard?

We are mining logs and change the query about 50 times in 10 minutes so this is not an option (and is a costly workaround). Why can’t this be removed?

Dear @Cosmin_Marginean1

We are aware of this request, and it will be removable in a future release



This PR

was merged into this

and when it's all ready, you can do that


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Wonderful stuff. Thank you so much, Matthias!

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