Removing the Observability App in Kibana 7.9.3

Hi, I am trying to remove Observability from the navigation menu. There does not appear to be an option in the Edit space settings.

Hi @kbujold_wr,

In the "Stack Management" app in the "Spaces" management app there is a "Features" panel, I was able untick the "Observability" feature from there and it removes the Observability solution from my sidebar.

Which version are you using? Its not listed under 7.9.3

I was using the latest development version. I will ask security team to comment on when this feature was added.

Support was added in 7.10 via

It looks like you've disabled most of the features under Observability already -- does the category disappear if you also hide the Logs feature?

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Yes disabling Logs removes Observability.

Is there a solution for 7.9.3 ?

Thank you,

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