Replacing the X-Pack category with tags

As of today, if you have questions with any of the X-Pack functionality - Alerting, Graph, Machine Learning, Monitoring, Reporting and Security - please head to the relevant product category and simply tag your topic with a corresponding tag.

eg if you have a question about using Monitoring with Filebeat, head to #beats:filebeat and add a monitoring tag. For Machine Learning questions relating to the UI, then #kibana with a machine-learning tag will get you the answers.

This category, as well as it's sub-categories, are now set to read only. We will be moving active topics into their relevant product categories and tagging them, so you won't lose your thread. We'll do the same for older, closed topics so they are maintained for posterity.

Questions, feedback, please let us know in #meta, drop me a DM or email us at :smiley:

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