Repo names for snapshots in google cloud storage



I'm running 5.4 and I'm creating snapshots to go to my google cloud storage.

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_snapshot/testingrepos/snapshot_testing -d '{"indices": "test-2017.05.17", "ignore_unavailable": true, "ignore_global_state": false, "base_path": "test"}'

the command itself is working. But when I go to my google cloud storage, I have no idea what data is the data i'm snapshotting. I get "05WNNN3YQ7yzvfo-EE0xfg/" which is under this indices folder. and a bunch of snap-CCq12Z0DSqWeSJC6BTqfag.dat . You can't see the repo "testingrepos" or a base path "test". Even if i took out the base path, there still isn't a repo name anywhere.

When i do the FS, you can see the repo names which makes it easier to identify which snapshots are for what indices or data set.

IS there a way to get friendly names in google storage? or organize better to see what the repos are and what data is stored in them?


I also tried creating the base path within the storage bucket first and then running the snapshot, and the snapshot didn't go into the directory.

looks like everything just goes under "indices" directory with an ID that doesn't match the uuid when i _cat/indices on the cluster. I'm not sure how you are suppose to identify what is what in google cloud storage

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The names you assign are held in ES because the design is that all interactions are done via the APIs and not looking at the filesystem, just like indices and documents and their resultant file structures.

No, use the APIs :slight_smile:

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