Reporting not sending me the reports


(Vinay) #1

I have successfully configured the reports plugin but not able to generate the reports and getting the below errors

There was an error generating your report for the "Login-Dashboard" dashboard: Error: URL open failed. Is the server running?

My ELK stack is up and running successfully.

PFA the error screen shots.

Let me know if there are any configurations need to be added in my Kibana as I am running this behind a proxy.

(Mark Walkom) #2

What version of things are you running?

(pradip) #3

Hi Mark,

I am writing on behalf of vinay.

The version which we are using are as below:
Elasticsearch --2.4.0
Logstash --2.4.0
Kibana --4.6.1
Marvel/Marvel Agent --2.4.0
Sense --2.0.0
Watcher --2.4.0

Pradip K Singh

(Vinay) #4

anyone can please update why reporting is not workable in my environments.

(Joe Fleming) #5

What's the IP you are connecting to in your screenshots?

Is your Kibana/Reporting setup running on another machine?

Did you set a custom value in your kibana.yml file?

The error comes up when the background process can't connect to the running Kibana instance. Usually this happens because you're using a proxy or something to connect to Kibana, but it may also be caused by changing the hostname you are binding Kibana to.

(Vinay) #6

Yes Joe ,

It was because of wrong hostname binding , by default its "" and I updated it to "" or my actual IP address and it worked as expected.

Thanks a ton !!

Vinay Kumar

(Joe Fleming) #7

Great, thanks for closing the loop here.

Out of curiosity, were you running Kibana on a Windows server? This was a known issue that's been fixed.

(system) #8